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The simple act of implementing mobile incident reporting can have a significant impact on the entire documentation process, with minimal investment. Dictating a report at the scene of an incident or immediately following a call can result in a much more detailed account of events. The file is then instantly sent to transcription, improving response times for investigative teams and reducing backlog for the typing pool. The improved workflow allows officers to spend more time where they are of the most value, protecting and assisting the community they serve.


Power Your PC With Voice

C-Speech increases productivity potential by allowing users to dictate directly into any desired application. Create reports, compose e-mail and navigate third party applications with ease. C-Speech can automate frequently used functions with the auto-command feature, allowing users to quickly perform tasks without keyboard intervention.


for Law Enforcement

See how mobile incident reporting for smartphones improves the productivity of police officers in the field, while assisting in a more detailed account of events.

Improve Efficiencies with DigiDictate Mobile

Incident reports dictated into the DigiDictate Mobile application are immediately uploaded to the server and are instantly available to support staff for transcription, reducing turnaround for urgent reports.

Mobile capabilities provide officers with the convenience of producing reports more quickly and efficiently, enabling them to reduce the overtime sometimes required to complete administrative tasks back at the precinct.

DigiDictate Mobile improves accuracy and facilitates the reporting workflow by eliminating the uncertainty of illegible handwritten notes, reducing paper-based reports, and providing high quality voice files which are incredibly well-suited to voice recognition, where available.

More Than A Phone

Take full advantage of the most powerful tool in your possession by turning your smartphone into a professional mobile reporting device. Simply log in to the DigiDictate Mobile application, key in a case number, and begin dictating the report. The voice file is seamlessly uploaded to the dictation server with no user intervention required.

"Mobile dictation has been a great thing for us."


Lorelei Meyer, Support Services Manager

Brooklyn Park Police Department, MN

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